Everyday Balinese Spa & Reflexology

Everyday Signature Products

Layonsari Body Treatment
(Body Massage + Foot Reflexy + Scrub + Body Mask + Head Massage)

Layonsari is an ancient treatment for a princess in Balinese royal family. It’s a special massage treatment using traditional herbs for scrub and body mask that lifts up dead skin, brighten, and smoothen your skin as well as moisturizes and tighten your skin.

Balinese Herbal Massage
(Balinese Massage + herbal ponch )

A special massage packaged with herbal ingredients which will provide comfort, calm, warmness, improving blood circulation, and nourish the skin, as well as an anti bacteria and fungus.

Samara Ratih
(Wedding Package)

Spa package for wedding preparation performed by only our highly experienced therapists. It uses hi quality natural materials that will surely improve your skin, reducing stress and gives you confidence on your special day.

For Him Body Treatment
(Body Massage+Black tea Scrub + Chocolate Body Mask)

Special treatment for him that will relax and reduce stress instantly. This treatment also combined with body scrub and body mask to promote skin cleanliness and freshness.

For Her Body Treatment
(Body Massage + Anti cellulite Body scrub + body Mask)

A Special refreshing relaxation for women using our special products that will nourish and clean our skin, as well as reducing cellulites.

Bamboo Massage
(Balinese Massage + Warm Bamboo)

Unique massage therapy that use warm bamboo as a tool to freshen up your body by enhancing blood circulation, removing body toxins, and promoting blood cells reproduction. Bamboo is also known containing anti oxidant that will moisturize and smoothen your skin.

Shirodara Chakra Balancin
(Shirodara Treatment +Head Massage + Shoulder Massage)

A relaxation ritual that performed by constantly pouring a warm oil on your chakra spots to energize your body and mind that will provide you with deep calmness sensations. This treatment will help promote brain functions, moods, reduce stress, and help in reducing migraine and insomnia.

Everyday Value Package

Amazing Balinese
(Balinese Herbal Massage +Body Mask +Face Massage)

Massage treatment that uses a warm herbal pouch to enhance your blood circulation, gives you instant comfort, calmness, and nourish your skin as well as an anti aging.

Heritage Dreamland
(Body Massage + Reflexology + Bodyscrub + Face massage)

A rich combination of treatments that will totally relax you, nourish and tighten your skin, lifting dead skin cells. It’s everything to you need.

Art of Ubud
(Body Massage + Scrub + Face Massage)

Our famous Balinese massage combined with natural scrub and face massage that will enhance your body and face skin, while giving you a true relaxation.

Exotic Bali
(Body Massage + Scrub + Ear Candle )

Our famous Balinese massage combined with natural scrub and ear candle that will enhance your body skin, clean your ear, while giving you a true relaxation

Kintamani Sunrise
(Balinese Massage + Murut + Boreh Body Mask)

Our special body treatments thatuses natural herbal materials that will give you instant warmness to fight fatique and cold.

(Balinese Massage + Natural Scrub + Balinese creambath)

Our famous Balinese massage combined with natural scrub and hair treatment that will enhance your scalp and hair, while giving you a true relaxation

Hot Stone
(Balinese Massage + Warm volcanic stone)

A unique technique by using hot volcanic stone will instantly relax you and provides with benefits such as enhances blood circulation, stimulates supply of oxygen and nutrition, as well as neutrulizes toxic in your body.

Everyday Body Scrub
(Balinese Massage + Natural Scrub)

The complete combination of Everybody Relax and our natural body scrub will surely give you a total relaxation, freshness, skin nutrition, which also cleans your skin thoroughly. Its simply everything you need.

Balinese Murut
(Balinese Massage + Murut)

A combination of full body massage using Balinese herbs, made from natural materials and useful to lift dead skin cells, giving the effect of warm, soften and moisturize the skin.

Everyday Body Mask
(Balinese Massage + Natural Masker)

Body masking treatment that will instantly relax your muscle, smoothen, brighten, and tighten your skin, as well as moisturize and helps in body detoxifying.

Balinese Boreh
(Balinese Massage + Boreh)

It Starts with body massage to make you more relax and continue with Boreh (traditional Balinese herbs) which is good to eliminate the muscle pain, improving blood circulation, preventing rheumatism and help to improve your breathing during cold.

Body and Foot Relaxation

Body Relax 60/90/120 minute
(Balinese Massage )

A slow and smooth massage technique, but yet strong, will relax your body and mind like no other. This unique technique is provided by well trained-gifted hands blended with natural aromatherapy essential oil.

Body Complete 90/120 minute
(Balinese Massage + Reflexology )

Starts with soft pressure in order to warm up your body, which then followed by unique combination of our body massage and foot reflexology. This technique will surely refresh and relax your body and mind at the same time.

Royal Reflexology

Our classic sensation of foot massage which will relief foot stress and fatigue and restores energy and muscle flexibility, completed by shoulder and hand massage, youll love it.

Firm Massage 60/120 minute
(Javanese Massage)

A hard massage technique traditional, but smooth, will relax your body and mind like no other. This unique technique is provided by well trained-gifted hands blended with natural aromatherapy essential oil.

Oil Free Body Massage 60/90 minute

Our new massage technique that focus more on pressure and does not use oil during treatment. Those technique will improve blood circulation, restore flexibility, and most of all, its no mess.

Quick Fresh
(Back Or Foot Massage only 30 minute)

Like its name, this technique will fresh you up in no time. With limited time you have, this is exactly what you need.

Balinese Ratus

Special therapy for women that uses natural herbs to clean and protect women’s genital area, while also giving it a nice scent.

Balinese Creambath

Hair treatment using our special natural products will enhance hair growth, blood circulation, and leaving your scalp healthy and fresh.

Add Ons Pleasure

Aromatherapy (Anti Stress/Relaxing/Healing/For Him)

Our hi quality aromatherapy oils are made from special plants, flowers, and fruit natural extracts, that provides you with natural benefits.

Face Massage

A massage technique that focus on certain points at face that aimed to relief stress of your skin, enhance skin firmness, and as an anti aging.

Ear Candle

Soft massage at shoulder that combined with ear candle treatment will clean internal parts of ear and help to reduce hearing problems as well as other problems such as migrain, vertigo and insomnia.